Property Tax Rebates

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Property Tax Rebates for Vacant Commercial and Industrial Buildings:

Starting in 2001, property tax relief for vacant commercial and industrial buildings who have extended vacancies - for consecutive periods of 90 days or more, will be provided to property owners through rebates that are issued by municipalities.  This new rebate program is governed by section 442.5 of the Municipal Act (2002) and Ontario Regulation 325/01 and must satisfy the conditions as described in Category 1 or Category 2 of the application.

The rebate rate for commercial buildings is 30% of the tax attributable to the area(s) and/or suite(s) that is/are vacant being refundable versus a slightly higher rate of 35% for industrial buildings.

An Information Bulletin prepared by the Province of Ontario describes the types of properties which are eligible for rebates, the application procedures, the method for calculating rebates, appeal mechanisms, and key deadlines.

The application form must be completed in full and signed.  Completed applications can be mailed or delivered to:

Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
Finance Department
Attention:  Donna Lake
1593 Four Mile Creek Road
PO Box 100
Virgil, ON  L0S 1T0

The onus is on property owners to file applications with their local municipality for a rebate.

For complete information or for precise interpretation, please refer to section 442.5 of the Municipal Act and Ontario Regulation 325/01.