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Q: Who do I contact regarding solid waste management services?
A: For information pertaining to leaf and yard waste collection, weekly garbage collections, blue box program, curbside collection of large household items and appliances, call the Regional Niagara Sold Waste Management Services information line at 905-356-4141 or toll free 1-800-594-5542 or visit their website

Q: Does the Town have a rain barrel program?
A: Beginning in October of 2006, the Town has a rain barrel program, however, it is limited to residents in the Niagara Urban Service Area study area which is generally bounded by William, Nassau, Queen and Regent Streets (see brochure under “What’s New” page). The program was initiated as part of the Town’s Remedial Action Plan to reduce/eliminate storm water and ground water inflow and infiltration into the sanitary sewer system. Town staff are scheduling home visits in the study area to identify possible storm water connections to the sanitary sewer system. Vouchers for up to two barrels at a reduced price of $15.00/each plus G.S.T. are being issued upon completion of their visit. Depending on the success of this pilot project, the program may be expanded to include other areas within the community.