RW Process

Road Watch 

How the Citizen Report is Processed

Your report will be addressed by the police as follows:

  1. A police officer will contact you to verify the details of the incident. You will remain anonymous, unless you choose to pursue a detailed police investigation that may result in charges being laid and require a court appearance.
  1. First Offence: The police send a letter to the offending plate owner describing the incident and locations where the vehicle was observed as operating in a dangerous manner. The letter highlights the date, location and the reported violation. A request is made to the registered owner and/or any driver of the vehicle to voluntarily cooperate and drive in a responsible manner.
  1. Second Offence: The police forward a second letter to the vehicle owner and may follow up with a phone call or personal visit from a police officer.
  1. Third Offence: The vehicle owner will receive a visit from the police and if the complainant agrees to serve as a witness, enforcement action may follow.

When you send in the report form, it is important that you sign it and make it as complete as possible to safeguard the system against abuse. Unsigned Citizen Report forms will not be processed. Be assured that any personal information is held in the strictest of confidence by Niagara Regional Police under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. Your name will be kept confidential and not disclosed.