Service Line Warranty Program

Service Line Warranty Program

As everyone adjusts to the changes in daily life being brought on by COVID-19 (coronavirus), we’re hopeful that you, your families, friends, colleagues, and communities remain safe and healthy.
It’s important to us that we’re able to continue serving you and do our part to keep you and our Technicians safe. We’ve taken a number of measures at Service Line Warranties of Canada to prevent the spread of the disease. These include:

  • Reminding all team members of the need to practice good personal hygiene
  • Wearing protective gear when visiting customers’ homes
  • Staying home from work when they are ill

Beyond that, effective immediately, we are initiating measures to keep our Technicians healthy by protecting them from unnecessary risks when entering a customer’s home. This includes several pre-screening questions they may ask you to understand whether someone in the home is infected or has a high risk of being infected. In those situations where a risk is present, we have created a special team to handle the matter on an expedited basis.
We’re Here for You
Even as the coronavirus situation continues to unfold before us, our commitment to customer excellence remains unchanged. You rely on us when you need us most, and we plan to be there for you to the extent that conditions allow.
Please keep in mind that the impact the coronavirus may have on our ability to service your repair claim is unknown. While we will endeavor to service your claims as expeditiously as we always do, we hope we have your understanding that delays may be inevitable. We’re committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.
John Kitzie
John Kitzie


The Town has partnered with Service Line Warranties of Canada to offer protection for homeowners for external water service lines. Residential properties within Niagara-on-the-Lake that front on municipal owned water mains may receive a letter regarding insurance for the portion of the water service on private property. Letters are anticipated to be mailed out on Monday, February 25, 2019 and a second letter will be mailed on Monday, March 11, 2019. The protection is voluntary and available at affordable monthly or annual prices.

SLWC has a longstanding track record of superior service and is endorsed by Local Authority Services (LAS) as a preferred services provider.

Please read the following from Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) regarding how the company obtains customer data: 
"All of the customer data used by SLWC to contact Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake residents and other homeowners in Ontario is obtained from an independent third-party company. The Town did not provide contact information and none of the Town's customer data has been shared for this purpose. SLWC offers service plans via direct mail to homeowners, and all mailing materials have been reviewed by legal counsel and comply with Canadian direct mail and privacy regulations. SLWC carefully reviews the mailing list data to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that homeowners outside of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake limits do not receive the mailing materials. Sometimes and despite these best efforts, homeowners in these areas may receive the mailing inadvertently. Any homeowner who wants removed from the mailing list or to have the name updated for any future correspondence can call 1-866-922-9004 and SLWC will take care of it immediately."

For questions about this service, or to enroll, please contact SLWC at 1-866-922-9004 or visit

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