Severance / Minor Variance

Committee of Adjustment Applications


The Committee of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body with authority delegated to it by the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Council, under the provisions of the Ontario Planning Act, to hold public hearings to make decisions on applications for:

  • Minor variances and alterations in legal non-conforming use
  • Consents: severances, boundary adjustments, easements, leases, (partial discharge) mortgage or charge
  • Fence variances
  • Sign variances
  • Appeals of property standard orders

Pre-consultation Meetings

Prior to the submission of all applications to the Committee of Adjustment, applicants must have a pre-consultation meeting with staff.  

Consent Applications Pre-consultation Meetings:

  • Meetings will be held in the afternoon on the first and third Thursday of every month. 
  • When you are ready for a pre-consultation meeting submit a proposal sketch and page 1 of the Pre-Consultation Form.  Please advise our staff and we'll make arrangements to include you on the requested agenda.
  • Your request should be received at least fifteen business days in advance of the scheduled meeting date. 
  • Upon receipt of the above materials, you will receive confirmation of meeting dates and times by email.

Minor Variance, Fence Variance, Sign Variance & Legal Non-Conforming Use Applications Pre-Consultation Meetings:

  • Meetings will be scheduled once pre-consultation material is received. A proposed sketch and page 1 of the Pre-Consultation form; Pre-Consultation Form is required to be submitted.
  • Upon receipt of the above materials, you will receive confirmation of meeting dates and times by email.

Application Package for Download
Post Pre-Consultation meeting, the following application forms and instructions apply.  Please download all files for completeness.

Consent Form >>
Surplus Farm Dwelling Information Form >>
Minor Variance, Legal Non-Conforming Use, Fence Variance & Sign Variance Form >>

Hearing Schedules and Deadlines

Committee of Adjustment hearings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month. The Town reserves the right to limit the number of applications on a hearing agenda to ensure fair consideration of each application.  The hearing date for your application will be confirmed once the Secretary-Treasurer is satisfied that all necessary documentation has been submitted to support the application.  The schedule is intended as
a guideline only. Once an application has been deemed complete, the hearing date will be scheduled.


2021 Hearing Schedule and Deadline

Consent/ Minor Variance, Legal Non-Conforming Use, Fence Variance & Sign Variance Applications>> 

Application Hearing Applications, Notices and Decision Notices

Hearing Notices and Decision Notices can be found on the following page of our web-site Committee of Adjustment 
Public Notices.

Recordings of Committee of Adjustment Hearings can be viewed at the following link:

Additional Information

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Application Information

For more information regarding contact;

Tara Druzina
Secretary-Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment