Severance / Minor Variance

Committee of Adjustment Applications


The Committee of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body with authority delegated to it by the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Council, under the provisions of the Ontario Planning Act, to hold public hearings to make decisions on applications for:

  • Minor variances and alterations in legal non-conforming use
  • Consents: severances, boundary adjustments, easements, leases, (partial discharge) mortgage or charge
  • Fence variances
  • Sign variances
  • Appeals of property standard orders

Pre-consultation Meetings

Prior to the submission of all applications to the Committee of Adjustment, applicants must have a pre-consultation meeting with staff.  

Consent Applications Pre-consultation Meetings:

  • Meetings will be held in the afternoon on the first and third Thursday of every month. 
  • When you are ready for a pre-consultation meeting submit a proposal sketch and page 1 of the Pre-Consultation Form.  Please advise our staff and we'll make arrangements to include you on the requested agenda.
  • Your request should be received at least fifteen business days in advance of the scheduled meeting date. 
  • Upon receipt of the above materials, you will receive confirmation of meeting dates and times by email.

Minor Variance, Fence Variance, Sign Variance & Legal Non-Conforming Use Applications Pre-Consultation Meetings:

  • Meetings will be scheduled once pre-consultation material is received. A proposed sketch and page 1 of the Pre-Consultation form; Pre-Consultation Form is required to be submitted.
  • Upon receipt of the above materials, you will receive confirmation of meeting dates and times by email.

Application Package for Download
Post Pre-Consultation meeting, the following application forms and instructions apply.  Please download all files for completeness.

Consent Form >>
Surplus Farm Dwelling Information Form >>
Minor Variance, Legal Non-Conforming Use, Fence Variance & Sign Variance Form >>

2020 Hearing Schedules and Deadlines

Committee of Adjustment hearings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month. The Town reserves the right to limit the number of applications on a hearing agenda to ensure fair consideration of each application. An application submitted by the deadline will be reviewed for that hearing, however, the application hearing date will be confirmed only after the application is confirmed as complete and subject to hearing agenda time limitations. 

Consent Applications >>
Minor Variance, Legal Non-Conforming Use, Fence Variance & Sign Variance Applications >>

Application Hearing Notices and Decision Notices

Application Notices:  September 17, 2020, October 15, 2020

Planning Reports and Comments:  August 20, 2020, September 17, 2020

Committee of Adjustment Decisions:  July 16, 2020, August 20, 2020

Past Committee of Adjustment Decisions

Recordings of Committee of Adjustment Hearings can be viewed at the following link:

Additional Information

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Application Information

For more information regarding contact;

Ashlea Carter
Secretary-Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment
905-468-3266 ext. 246