Special Events Permit

Special Events

A Special Event is an event which may occupy all or part of Town owned property, or may result in the disruption of the local flow of traffic. A special event may be defined as, but not limited to, a parade, festival, filming, bicycle race/tour, running event, procession, walk-a-thon, and/or any other activity that may include the following component(s):

  1. Street Closure(s)
  2. Fireworks or pyrotechnics
  3. Live entertainment
  4. Temporary Structures/ Tents
  5. Service of food or alcohol
  6. Large volumes of vehicular or pedestrian traffic 

Should you wish to hold a Special Event within the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, please complete and submit the Special Event Application Form attached below.

Special Event Application Form

 Additional Information: 

  • Please be advised that only one application is required for circulation to all Town departments.
  • An applicant may submit their application by:
    • Mail: Town Municipal Office - 1593 Four Mile Creek Road, PO Box 100, Virgil, Ontario L0S 1T0
    • Fax: 905-468-2959
    • E-mail: specialevents@notl.org
    • In Person: To the Customer Service counter located at the Town Municipal Office at 1593 Four Mile Creek Road, PO Box 100, Virgil
  • Please be advised, should the event include one or more of the following, Council approval may be required:
    • Expected attendance of 250 or more
    • Road closures exceeding 12 hours
    • Service of alcohol on public property
    • Food Trucks
  • An applicant should expect a response from the Clerk's Department within 4-6 weeks from the date of submission. Upon approval of the event, the applicant will receive an event package which includes:
    • A Special Event Permit
    • Letter from the Town Clerk
    • Special Occasion Permit and/or Building Permit (where applicable)

For additional information regarding Special Events within the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, please refer to the Town's Special Events Policy and/or contact the Special Event Coordinator at SpecialEvents@notl.org.